Awana Grand-Prix

Build cars. Build relationships. Build excitement!

The T&T and trek Clubbers participate in the Annual Grand-Prix Race event after building their own Awana Pinewood Derby Cars.

Clubbers build these at home with the assistance of their parents. This is a great opportunity - make it a Family Project building your cars and Have Fun! After selecting the design, it is suggested that the parents do the cut out of the car, and any planing and rough sanding. Then the Clubbers can do the finish sanding and painting!

Cars are judged on Speed but it's always interesting to see the fun designs of the clubbers who want to be more creative.

Speed Event – This will consist of a single round for each racing group. The 3 fastest finishers, based on cumulative time, will receive trophies. ALL clubbers will receive a participation ribbon.

Sparks hold their own event using Hot wheels or Matchbox cars.

Please see the official rules provided with your kit, but there are lots of tips and tricks on the web. You can start at Grand-Prix Race Central.

Just remember the most important rule; Enjoy the time with your friends and family and HAVE FUN!